This Book is Worth Buying--but I've Got 100 Free Copies

A couple months ago I had the chance to read an early draft of a book that was released just this week. It's written by Shannon O'Dell--a man whom I love and trust. He leads an amazing church in central Arkansas, loves his wife and family, and walks with integrity. (You may remember me writing last year about Shannon and the amazing turn-around at his church). The book is called Transforming Church in Rural America. I was previewing it for pastors I know all across America who lead churches in small to mid-sized communities. I figured the book would be for them. And it is. But it is for me also. And every pastor I know. Many manuscripts I skim--but this one I read word-for-word, from beginning to end. Here is a note I wrote to the publisher after I finished...

"I'm captivated by Shannon's story, challenged by his witness and moved by his resolve. As I read, I found myself turning the pages quickly and anticipating what was coming next. Shannon sounds a clear call for leaders of the church in rural America--but the principles translate to any leader trying to move a congregation toward life change in communities of all sizes. This is a rare that I'll be buying several copies of to hand out to encourage pastors every chance I get."

If you've followed my blog very long, you'll notice that I don't do very many book reviews. I get several books a week from publishers, but rarely have the time I'd like to give them an extensive review. The ones that I read are those which catch my attention or are especially relevant to my life. And then I don't always give a review. But this book is seriously very good.

UPDATE: The 100 free books went very quickly--but that's not a reason not to get one. It's only $12 on Amazon and you will be glad you got it.

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