What if We Took the Lead?

I've hinted about some conversations, opportunities and new thoughts that are shaking my world right now. I truly believe--in 5 years Granger won't look anything like it does today. You may not even recognize it as being the same. God is prepping myself, Mark Beeson, Rob Wegner, our entire senior team, and many of our staff and volunteers for something that we have a hard time explaining. How can we go somewhere when we have an idea of the destination but can't adequately explain how we will get there? Dee Hock explains it this way:

One need not know and be able to prove in advance what could be accomplished. One need not have a precise plan about how to get there. In a complex, rapidly changing world, a clear sense of direction, a compelling purpose and powerful beliefs about conduct in pursuit of it, seemed to me infinitely more sensible and robust than mechanical plans, detailed objectives, and predetermined outcomes. (Pg 169, One From Many, Dee Hock)

I wonder often--what would happen if we'd just get out of the way? If the structure, systems, restraints, obligations, debt, connections--what if none of that held us back? What could be accomplished? What would the future look like?

What if those with the greatest power, wealth, and position were to open their minds to new possibilities, loosen their tenacious grasp on the old order of things, abandon the palliative of cosmetic change, open their eyes to new forms of organization, seriously question and change their internal model of reality? What if they were to cage the four beasts that devour their keeper--ego, envy, avarice, and ambition--and take the lead in a new order of things? What if they were to go before and show the way? (Pg 203, One From Many, Dee Hock)

What if? We are on a path to figuring it out. It's one of the reasons we've put the Innovate Conference on the shelf for 2010 and instead are inviting people to a conversation about this new future.

But don't wait until November--you probably have thoughts now. Please share!

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