Decision Points

I've been reading Decision Points by George W. Bush over the past few weeks, and it's a great book. I think I can say that without regard to your political bent. I didn't agree with all Bush's decisions, and I am not a registered Republican--but I'm thoroughly enjoying the book. This is not an autobiography--rather, it is a dissection of what he deems to be the ten most important decisions he has made as an adult. They include personal decisions (i.e. to stop drinking, or to run for office) as well as the major policy decisions he made while President. Some of the reasons why I liked Decision Points...

  • I'm a student of leadership, and any chance I have to get behind the thinking of the most powerful leader in the world--that is a win. In fact, reading this book has whet my appetite to go back and read similar titles from previous presidents.
  • I highly respect a leader who makes integrity-based decisions; that is, decisions based on their values. Whether I agree with their values is a different topic altogether...but when a leader makes a well-informed decision based on something they deeply believe--I believe that decision has integrity. And it is incredibly interesting to hear about the thinking and situations behind the decision.
  • I have a new appreciation for the complexity of the decisions being made in the White House. We tend to hear 15-second opinions by the talking heads in the media, and we draw quick conclusions. Rarely do we get the whole story or have an opportunity to re-live the depth of the decisions that were made. And it's especially insightful since those decisions were all made very recently.

If you ever thought George W. Bush was stupid, a liar, ditzy, stubborn, clueless or war-mongering -- I dare you to read this book and then tell me your position didn't change (or at least soften).

I know that ideologues from both sides are going to leave comments below that are politically charged (which I will quickly delete). How about, instead, you suggest additional titles from previous presidents that I might find just as interesting?

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